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Playing a Air Hostess

My client had a fascination about air hostess. When he booked me, he specifically requested me to dress up as air hostess.

I followed his rules and arrived in his apartment wearing a sexy airhostess outfit. When my client opened the door, he just kept looking at me for some minutes. I blushed to see his reaction at that time. I asked him twice whether I can come in. Suddenly, he woke up from his day dreaming and invited me to his apartment.

My client was in late 30s and a fashion designer by profession. He made me a drink as I enter his apartment and then got down to business. He told me I looked like his loving girlfriend who died some years back in road accident. That’s why he stood still for a minute. I presented my condolence regarding his girlfriend. He told me forget about that and get down to business.

My client put a challenge of having as many drinks as possible. I took the challenge and then the fun begins. After having 7 rounds of drinks, I started feeling dizzy and fell on the sofa. My client gently picked me up and put me to the bed. He stroked my cheek and in return, I played with his curly hair.

He laid me down gently on the bed and then admired my body from top to bottom. He came on top of me and gave me a warm kiss on the lips. I felt a sensation in my body when his lips touched mine. We kept on locking lips for some minutes and then he unbuttoned my t-shirt and grabbed my breasts. While playing with my bosom, he move down to my navel and kissed me there. He kept on kissing my navel for a while and then removed my skirt along with panty. Now, I was almost naked wearing just a bra.

He came on top of me again and looking straight into my eyes, kissed me passionately on lips. He unbuttoned my bra and threw it on the ground. He fondled my breasts for a minute and then fastened his lips on my soft nipples. I started sweating with excitement as he sucked my nipples. In excitement, I embraced him tightly and covered him with my legs indicating how much I was enjoying this love making.

Getting a positive signal from me, he came in his form. He kissed me passionately all over my body starting from my neck moving down to my stomach and finally ending in my pussy. I started feeling wet as he licked my pussy. I felt like in heaven when he did this to me. Suddenly, he spread my legs apart and inserted his dick deep inside my body. While fucking, he kept fondling my lovely tits, in-between kissing them too.

Then, he lied down completely on top of me and pushed his dick harder and harder inside my body. I embraced him tightly at this moment and soon I achieved an orgasm. I scratch his back in excitement when he ejaculated inside my body.

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