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  • 1 hour 200 USD
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes 250 USD
  • 2 hour 300 USD
  • 3 hour 400 USD
  • Night 900 USD

  • 1 hour €170
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes €220
  • 2 hour €260
  • 3 hour €350
  • Night €800

Additional hour - 100 EUR/USD

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Marita is an English student who is also working as escort too. She is a tomboyish person who likes to get frank with men of her age as well as romance with them too. She is best suited for shy and reserved person who do not have guts to approach a beautiful woman. As your GF, she will overcome all your fears and nervousness. Not only that, she will also make you an expert in seducing woman too. She will make you so confident that you will boldly ask for a hand of your love lady in your college or your office. Marita has beautiful golden hair, natural curvy body, well rounded tits and smooth skin. She usually wears short skirts and provocative t-shirt for making out with you. As an escort, she likes to hang out in all the good places of city such as restaurant, art galleries, tourist attractions, shopping street etc or she would like to have romance with you in her apartment where you can tell your love problem in detail. She doesn’t like smoking and drinking, hence pubs and bars are strict no-no for her. Marita likes to go for sweet kisses, lot of body touching before proceeding to coupling through KS positions. Her favorite love making techniques are whole body kissing, shower experience, and oil rubbing cum kissing all over her body. Please call us or drop an email to get a date with her. We bet you would thank us for arranging such a wonderful girl as your girlfriend.
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