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To make booking please WhatsAPP +7.929.9285773
or call,sms +7.929.9285773

  • 1 hour 200 USD
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes 250 USD
  • 2 hour 300 USD
  • 3 hour 400 USD
  • Night 900 USD

  • 1 hour €180
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes €220
  • 2 hour €260
  • 3 hour €350
  • Night €800

Additional hour - 100 EUR/USD Fee for taxi is must to be paid

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Ulia is 21 year old college student who work as an escort just to have some fun with guys. She is brunette with slender figure, fine bosom and lovely brown eyes. She is well suited for you in case you desire a young girl for companionship. She is best suited for middle aged guys who are looking for some romance outside their marriage that don’t result in blackmail too. Ulia can provide you that kind of service. You can visit her apartment anytime of the day for love experience or go for a dinner date, social party, get close with her over some drinks in pubs. Later, you can talk about your personal feelings in her apartment and finally sleep in her lovely arms to forget about your life bad experiences. Her love experience include whole body kissing, sensual massage, getting naughty with you in bed, taking a hot shower and finally getting intimate with you through KS, missionary even oral job too. We bet you would feel young and alive after making love to her nubile body. Please call us or drop an email to book a date with this charming lady. She is expert in providing escort service.
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