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  • 1 hour 200 USD
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes 250 USD
  • 2 hour 300 USD
  • 3 hour 400 USD
  • Night 900 USD

  • 1 hour €180
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes €220
  • 2 hour €260
  • 3 hour €350
  • Night €800

Additional hour - 100 EUR/USD Fee for taxi is must to be paid

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Are you looking for an elegant lady for dinner dates or social feasts? Then, Simona is right person for you. She is an ex-model and knows how to be stylish for outdoor events. She always dresses up well especially for parties where you need to create a great impression about you. Simona looks quite stunning too. She has long brunette hair and usually keeps a pony tail. She is quite tall, has well toned athletic body and has firm breasts. She keeps herself fit through Yoga and Cardio exercises. She seldom drinks in parties and smoking is strictly no-no. In fact, she doesn’t allow her men to smoke in front of her too. Simona is quite disciplined. Being from Army background, she knows value of time very well. She is known to arrive on time and leave on time. She has never been late for a minute for a date and expects her customer to arrive on time too. In case, you get late for more than 15 minutes, she cancels the date. Somehow, she is strict by rules and expects people to follow it. She may seem strict and reserved to you, but inside she is a delicate lady who likes kisses all over her body. Once you close the apartment door, she gives you her body completely. You can tear her garments, put her on bed and satisfy your lust by kissing or playing an erotic fantasy. She can perform anal sex in any position, but wants you to enter slowly as well as gently inside her body. You can book her as your girlfriend, dinner companion or showpiece for parties. We assure you that you won’t find more disciplined and professional escort than anywhere else in Moscow.
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