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  • 1 hour 200 USD
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes 250 USD
  • 2 hour 300 USD
  • 3 hour 400 USD
  • Night 900 USD

  • 1 hour €180
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes €220
  • 2 hour €260
  • 3 hour €350
  • Night €800

Additional hour - 100 EUR/USD Fee for taxi is must to be paid

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If you feel attracted to a woman with big natural bust, then Dinara is just right for you. She is natural blonde with natural curves, juicy bosom and lovely brown eyes. When she takes off her top; you simply can’t resists yourself touching her soft bosom. In-fact, she loves it when you admire her bosom. Other than that, her love skills include whole body kissing, sensual massage or anything that goes with kissing and touching. She admires your firm hand touch on your soft skin. Finally, when she is comfortable enough, she opens her legs wide open to accept you deep inside her body. She is comfortable with KS as well as missionary position. She is one girl whom you won’t be tired of making love. In-fact, once you sleep with her, you won’t like to get laid with any other escort models. She is well expert in playing your hot girlfriend too. You can take her out for social events like dinner date parties etc and later get intimate in her apartment. Nature-wise, she is an introvert person who takes time to open up. Unlike other escorts, you have to initiate a conversation with her. Once she starts liking you, we bet she is a real sport to hang out with. Please call us or drop an email to get a date with her. She is best suited to romance anytime of the day
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  • Dinara
  • Dinara
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  • Dinara